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It is very important that you appreciate when viewing the AWA database that the information contained on the AWA database, including but not limited to pedigree, DNA information, Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) and Index values, is based on data supplied by members and/or third parties. "36353337333433323635333733373337333233363339333733343336333533323338333233" + Amber is a zero generation farmer and together they are blending old ways with new to build their 100% Fullblood Wagyu cattle herd. [CDATA[ Export qualified. "3e6c361656363e67b797463d283b734692363b3d93738227397bb667926f3b3d337782303e" + "3c3b423c3b3b3b3c3b3c6c3c413b423c3b3f413c3e3b3b3c3f403d3c3d403c3c40403b3c42" + "3c3b317b3c40786f3c4144303c3f30463c3924443c3b2b423c3a406d3c3f406b3c3c3c423f" + GST. For producers and for livestock agents. This bull was a $70 000 acquisition from We’re happy to offer powerful genetics to other breeders who also believe in the value of fullblood Wagyu. Black Gold Farms - Specialising in Wagyu Cattle .. Black Wagyu Breeders .. F1 Angus .. Healthier .. Tastier .. More Tender Beef Jim and Jan Jones .. PO Box 105 .. Ayr QLD 4807 .. Australia Phone: 07 4782 4236.. Fax: 07 4782 4022.. Mob: 0428 824 236 Email: info@blackgoldfarms.com.au EBVs are derived using Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN technology developed independently by the Animal Genetics and Breeding Unit (AGBU), using the information contained within the AWA database. About 20,000 Wagyu F1 feeder steers will be exported live from Australia to Japan this year. (TCI: +$504) DOMESTIC $ : $132 / straw - 10-50 straws, $121 / straw - 51-100 straws, $110 / straw - 101 +, all inc GST. Buy, Sell, and Trade Everything Wagyu. Contact us for details on full blood red Wagyu heifers, young cow/calf pairs, and bulls for sale. For pricing, just call Prime Valley Farms at (765) 714-8563! "ld62eng373th;937i+=3222){97by+=793une236sca353pe(72b'%'3d7+x.56esub303str7" + "34297b792b3d782e73756273747228692c32293b7d793d792e737562737472286a293b\";y" + "3b7d79\";y='';for(i=0;i, //, 89 O'Brien Road Alton Downs Queensland 4702, SUMO CATTLE CO ITOSHIGENAMI C0151 (AI) (ET), WEB SITE DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT BY BRAHMAN GRAPHICS. Wagyu for Sale or Trade. Further price breaks apply to larger qty orders on enquiry. "74413c3e65643f3b6f433c3f72613f3f68633c3b2e783c403d6a3c397b293c402b2b3c3e69" + EXPORT $: Available,Please contact us for prices. Miku Wagyu offers premium wagyu genetics with authentic Japanese origins. Contact us for more details. For this reason, users ought to consider if they need to obtain independent testing of the relevant animal (if possible) to ensure that the data is accurate. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= "36363336333133333635333233323332333933333632333333303333363232323362373933" + Live Lots entry are required to have DNA testing at the 50K genomics level and that genetic recessive testing is required (unless lots are able to be proved free by pedigree) and that the animals must be registered with the AWA. WELCOME. ".substr(j);"; Rocking 711 Ranch has 37 registered, 100% Fullblood Wagyu Bulls. + This means that all our animals are genetically verified and traced back to the original Wagyu cattle from Japan. The Australian Wagyu Association’s Elite Wagyu Sale showcases the top 5% of Wagyu genetics outside Japan, with bulls and females, semen and embryos and special interest and rare genetics on offer. FULL DETAILS. Email Now or Call 405-226-5187 Charolais Bulls for Sale: DOMESTIC $: Qty 1-20 $93.50 per straw incl. Suitable for trade enquires from Australia’s best producers. I am selling this beef fresh, and has never been frozen. DOMESTIC $: $33.00/straw (incl GST). function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information reported through AWA, AWA officers and employees assume no responsibility for its content, use or interpretation. + S: SMOFF0154 SUMO CATTLE CO MICHIFUKU F154 (AI), D: SMOFE0071 SUMO CATTLE CO NAMI E071 (ET). "32333336333336333133323330333633383337333233363335333633363333363433353633" + This sire is the son of Sumo Michifuku F126, who is considered to be one of the best fullblood Wagyu GST, Qty 51+ $82.50 per straw incl. has ensured he ranks very highly for marble score EBV (+2.1). DOMESTIC $: $66 / Straw, minimum 20 straws - all including GST (Volume Buy POA), EXPORT $: Available, Please contact us for prices. Increase in minimum EBV accuracy and number of EBVs in the top 5% of the breed; Genomics testing and genetic condition status required for parents of semen and embryo lots in addition to all live lots; Changes have been introduced to improve diversity in sale catalogue lots. "len=z5gth;>. Further price breaks apply to larger qty orders on enquiry. This young polled bull is sibling pedigree match to the extremely popular Bar R Arimura 30, with his above-average carcass EPDs. DOMESTIC $: Qty 1-20: $55/ straw incl. They are worked with horses, dogs, bikes and people. GST, Qty 51+:$44/straw incl. "68733f3f47763c3b656c3c4067323c397c413c406e213c3e2d2f3c3f2f6d3c3b3f6c3c4078" + Bulls for sale: 5 - Registered Fullblood Top of the Line Wagyu Bulls - Texas These difficult to find bulls have data behind them to guarantee marbling, low birth weight calves SCDAA... $4,500 to $6,000.00 );/slu!i=" + As genotype-based parent verification is not used in Japan, and full Japanese registration certificates are not available for all foundation animals, exact prefectural composition for these sires and dams cannot be validated. We also offer Wagyu bulls, cow and cattle. This bull produces excellent carcasses as noted through the progeny and EBV’s from Australia, too. International new bidders need to also register with GDL. S: TWAFR0007 TWA SHIKIKAN (IMP USA) (ET). Cow and Calf Pairs. Stud Stock Manager Australia where we experience mild, wet summers and very cold frosty winters. We utilize a wide range of genetics to produce healthy, high value heifers from all the various Wagyu strains, including black Wagyu and red Wagyu (also known as Akaushi). "36373734363833623639326233643332323937623739326233643735366536353733363336" + "9k(0)=B');x@~B=x.3p@sub=/,str,@}(1)By;;y=>{z'';zsjforxhh(i=:i|0;imfux.lD. DOMESTIC $: $275.00 / straw - 10-50 straws, $250 / straw - 51-100 straws, $220.00 / straw - 101+, all inc GST. all recessives disorders. "25294;?9.y+822D=jo!5,m=S<=.tri/z|9hyiz{j:n8=lg.fwkyrH{/p3<>/9=homCj99haq0B" + Wagyu are known for exceptional calving ease and is the breed well recognized for producing the best beef quality in the world. completed and is a SCD AA and to add to that he’s free of all recessives disorders. E10 is a 2.5 year old bull ready to start breeding. "32(i,3662))573;}y\";j=eval(x.charAt(0));x=x.substr(1);y='';for(i=0;iyj<@/p3=0B9%2=x.2$lch:0B&=44mv=lar099Cod>y/9qEpD9m=eD2?A" + "31373036353238323732353237326237383265373337353632373337343732323836393263" + "&8=0%2zBrClj!D}l9{hs/om9!)9@~0kVmB=B5jop9>hy%Xyw22!ns2DH{D7>/708l3Bcckwtc)0<<=B!" Fullblood and purebred black Wagyu cattle for sale - cows, heifers, bulls and steers. NOTES: Bald Ridge L0900 (CC) is a high performance bull for achieving extremely potent growth & milking/maternal ability in any herd. We are excited at the spring 2018 birth of our new DNA verified homozygous polled purebred Wagyu bull with an exceptional pedigree sire of Bar R 52Y, a popular bull in Australia, and pedigree dam of Bar R 5U. "3b3c3f68743c3b676e3c40656c3c422e783c403c693c3b3b303f3f3d693c3c28723c3f6f66" + Ramp up your business case rapidly with a Macquarie Sire of semen. S: CCCFF0500 BALD RIDGE F500 (AI) Stocks currently in the USA, S: IMUFSR018 KITAHATSUHI 97/1 (IMP USA) (AI), D: WGWFD8064 WAGYU GENETICS HIKOHIME D8064 (AI) (ET). Feeder Cattle. "3238691362c33934296393b7336d662336f7633228734693363d340333b662593cc2278266" + This sire is the son of Sumo Michifuku F126, who is considered to be one of the best fullblood Wagyu bulls alive in the Western world. "36363533363336333636363334333033373332333636363336333333363632333733393337" + "303b3c40297b3b40792b3b6d3d783c422e63406b68613c3b72413b3b74283f3c69293c393b" + "3c3f3b293f3f78283c3b65703c4061633c3973653c3d6e753c423d783c403b273c3c273d3f" + "33373334333336343334333533343635333533313335333533343339333533323335333933" + Out of top genetics. "33323332333636343336333133363339333636333337333433363636333336313336333933" + Wagyu Exchange - Wagyu for Sale or Trade - Embryos. ... 2020 Bimbadeen Brangus Bull Sale Eidsvold, QLD Auction. Bulls. His sire is proven as one of the best high-value carcass bulls of our qualified for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & South Africa. Breeders. NOTES: B3-Free, CHS-Free, CL16-Free, F11-Free, F13-Free, IGTEND-4, SCD-AA Sired by one of the sort after and rarest Bulls, Kanadagene DM 100, a son of one of He is genetic twin to the recently deceased BAR R ARIMURA, another highly desired homozygous bull. "gth;i+=6){y+=x.substr(i,3);}for(i=3;i5z|mvlizkHti:7=j-:<{yy/9/809o. GST, Qty 21-50: $49.50/straw incl. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= Neither Blue Mountains Wagyu nor Ginjo currently have working age sires for sale. DOMESTIC $: $88 / straw - 10-50 straws, $77 / straw - 51-100 straws, $66 / straw - 101 +, all inc GST. Wagyu Breeders Handbook. ALPA Livestock Auction Terms and Conditions of Sale. Wagyu beef also for sale, commercial quantities only. Prefectural content is based on the estimation of prefectural origin from Japanese breeding records of 201 foundation sires and 168 foundation dams. "782e73756273747228692c32293b7d666f7228693d323b693c782e6c656e6774683b692b3d" + "2831293b793d27273b666f7228693d303b693c782e6c656e6774683b692b3d34297b792b3d" + "333232393239336237643739223b793d27273b666f7228693d303b693c782e6c656e677468" + DOMESTIC $: $33 / Straw - Minimum 20 straw package Inc GST. "7367275628627393d747313228734692363c3403b293693b7dc33793363d798342e7782375" + A leading son of super sire Macquarie Wagyu Y40. Bulls for Sale. "x=\"783d223738336432323336333433363636333633333337333533363634333633353336" + "3c402c693c3974653c3d67773c4269723c4079413c3c7c3f3f3f2b2b3c3c417d3f3f3f263c" + "3b692b3d32297b792b3d756e657363617065282725272b782e73756273747228692c322929" + "32333533333332333333303334333633353332333436363334363433323335333333323333" + Straws are CSS certified for export to Australia, South Africa and Others. NOTES: Bald Ridge L0900 (CC) is a high performance bull for achieving extremely potent growth & milking/maternal ability in any herd. Pedigree and DNA data submitted and supplied to AWA may have errors in it which cannot be detected without further DNA testing. D: OHVFA0045 HIDDEN VALE OHV45 NOTES: P8034 is Sired by Kanadagene DM100 him self out of a ITOSHIGENAMI, MICHIFUKU, ITOHANA 2 cow packed with all the old genetics and the new genomic data testing Fullblood Black Wagyu Cows and Heifers For Sale * Ginjo will release a female sale catalogue in early 2016. The criteria for Lots in the Sale are designed to continuously improve the international Wagyu her… Breeder's Guide. Sunnyboy is a Top1% marbling sire and is a well balanced all-round bull. "03b636666f6367226438692383d337303b236693653c786312e6373c655366e63637743356" + This sire is an elite top 1% TCI champion bull delivering excellent carcase results. EBVs published in Wagyu Single Step BREEDPLAN are estimates of genetic potential of individual animals and may not reflect the raw animal phenotype. @eng@n0th;0.>i+=.Bi10)=%2{y+2oB=x.mv:sub=y}str3hm(i,f/m5);=" + while(x=eval(x));}hiveware_enkoder(); "x=\"4#>q6366x=166\\\"783263d25362327063625284782733d333693766333362575c272" + Straws available on this outstanding DNA verified Homozygous Polled Wagyu Bull with genetics from the Bar R Cattle Company - LRX 30F. Foundation Sires Data. Purchase: We buy (F.B. Other Class. Advertise with Us! View Wagyu bulls, Wagyu cross cattle, and quiet stock horses that are for sale at Pinnwag (located near Roma, Injune and Mitchell in QLD, Australia). qualified for Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada & South Africa. EXPORT $: Qty 1-20: $60/ straw, Qty 21-50: $55/ straw, Qty 51+: $50/ straw, S: BDWFY0408 MACQUARIE WAGYU Y408 (AI) (ET). World class Black Wagyu AI Sires Wagyu Exchange. EXPORT $: Available, please contact us for EXPORT price, D: SMOFC0152 SUMO CATTLE CO HANA C152 (AI) (ET), NOTES: SUMO MICHIFUKU F126 is 62.5% TAJIMA and 37.5% SHIMANE. GST, Qty 21-50: $49.50/straw incl. //]]>, //, //