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Business tax policy, procedures, payments. BOS:311 enables real-time collaboration with citizens, 'deputizing' mobile users to become the city's eyes and ears. All you want to know about 311 Complaint Records. Report NYPD criminal activity or misconduct. - Login or sign up when submitting a request to Philly311 to receive a case number and to follow up with your request. Make a complaint about a school of higher education. Legal Disclaimer and Notice to All Users Disclaimer The user of this system is hereby notified that any reliance on the data displayed on the screen is at your own risk and liability. Make a complaint about a booth that sells newspapers and magazines. Report noise from a vehicle, including horn honking, engine idling, or loud music. Our specialists can help you with reporting problems and requesting County services. Report a missing, incorrect, or improperly displayed food establishment allergy poster. Report unsanitary conditions caused by pigeons. Report an item lost in trash that has been collected by the Department of Sanitation. Learn about NYCHA's pet policy. Learn about calorie posting requirements information for restaurants and mobile vendors. Report a problem with a licensed private elevator or escalator inspector. Report a problem with quality or danger of medical device or machine. Report a problem with a Verizon telephone pole or wires. 311 Request for Service. Report professional misconduct by a pharmacist. Get parole information, report a parole violation, or make a complaint about a parole officer. Learn about the violation issued to property owners who do not file an annual boiler inspection report. Report a residential building's janitor or super who is not available. These complaints are handled by the Environmental and Consumer Protection Division, through the Broward County Call Center. Report noise from an air conditioner, ventilation equipment, or exhaust device. Report a problem with a registered filing representative. Report dust from roadwork, construction, demolition, renovation, or another source. Most Popular. The city’s 311 web site now features a searchable map which allows users to see the type and number of complaints coming in from specific locations throughout Manhattan. Report a carpet business that does not provide required information about carpet emission limits. Bed bugs, rats, mice, mosquitoes, dead animals, help with pest control. Request a new parking meter or removal or relocation of an existing parking meter. Report someone using false information to file for a Department of Buildings (DOB) document. 311 E 30th St is a building in Manhattan's Kips Bay near East 30th Street and 2nd Avenue. Report a fight or other safety issue at a public school. The City will send an inspector where applicable. In addition to Service Request Lookup, some Service Requests can also be checked in Agency systems: Department of Buildings (DOB) Service Requests can be checked in Building Information Search (BIS) Report sexual misconduct in a New York City public school. Learn about or report a problem with New York Waterway Ferry. Make a complaint or report a lost item. Report noise from street or building construction, including jackhammer noise. Report a problem with the school transfer process. Report a restaurant that adds a surcharge to the cost of items on the menu. Research complaints at our website. Report a leaking or overflowing roof tank. Council Voting Record; Boards & Commissions Meetings; City Secretary's Public Meetings ; City Hall Resources City Hall Resources Annual Report; City Codes; Dallas Economic Development; Departments; Enterprise GIS; Financial Transparency; Calendar; News 311. Our 311 customer service agents undergo extensive training to ensure each caller gets a courteous, quick and accurate response - 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. Learn about the bottle and can refund law or report a store not accepting a container. Learn how to prevent leaks. 311 E 71st St # 11a is a Single Family Home in Manhattan's Lenox Hill near East 71st Street and 2nd Avenue. Pensacola Energy- Gas Leak: 850-474-5300. ID, birth, death, marriage, property, health, school, fire and police reports, City documents. Report a building or public space that is not accessible. Report a business operating without a license. Request the installation of a new pedestrian ramp. Report any gas-related emergency or dangerous condition. Talk about hyperlocal heaven! Fifth consecutive years of record growth, 10.2 percent increase over 2017 . Report domestic violence or get counseling, support, and shelter for victims. Report an eviction that was not performed by a NYC Marshal or Sheriff. Affordable housing, homelessness, SNAP (food stamps) cash assistance, child care, volunteering, donating. Report a problem with beach maintenance, water quality, or safety equipment. Report a problem with a taxi driver or vehicle, including rudeness, unsafe driving, refusing a request, maintenance issues, or route complaints. Non-emergency Numbers: Little Rock Police Department (501) 371-4829 Communications (501) 918-4397 Telephone Reporting Unit/Non Emergency Police Reports (501) 371-4621 Office of the Chief of Police; Little Rock Fire Department Make a complaint about a privately owned garage or parking lot. Report an item lost or found on the Staten Island Ferry. Make a complaint about a business that provides immigration services. Rent freezes, tax exemptions, housing options, home care, social services for adults age 60 and older. 311 Explorer - See Service Requests around your neighborhood.. Menu > Zoom > +, In the View menu, select Zoom. Report a new building under construction that is unsafe. During a session with Denver’s online customer portal, pocketgov.com, a user may affirmatively submit information to the City and County of Denver by, among other means, reporting a problem or asking a question, filling in and submitting online forms, emailing a 311 contact center agent, or electing to personalize pocketgov.com and use it as a customized portal. Report a problem with building or property drainpipe or drainage. Museums, libraries, permits to perform or film, funding. All five complaints were dismissed by DOB inspectors. 311 serves the public and handles all requests for government and non-emergency services, connecting residents, business owners, and visitors with the information and people who can help them best. Get information about wildlife, including how to report wild animals or the removal of wildlife from a park. Make a complaint about a mail-order business. Report signs, stickers, or decals posted on public or private property. Learn about the rules for commercial and residential barbecuing, find a place to barbecue in a park, or report barbecuing where it is not allowed. Learn about or report traffic patterns or trends. Report a chain restaurant that does not post warnings about sodium content. Report tenant or landlord fraud in public housing or the NYCHA Section 8 program. Learn about worker safety or report worker health hazards. Report an addict in bad condition who needs immediate medical help. Learn about free repair for qualifying City sidewalks that are severely damaged by curbside tree roots. Learn about or report a maintenance problem with the Dockless Bike Share pilot program. Report a business that gives an incorrect or illegal receipt. Report someone impersonating an IRS employee. Report that child proof stove knob covers are not provided to a tenant. Report a lewd act done in public or where others are forced to see it. Report building excavation that is undermining a nearby building. Report a pay phone that is broken, damaged, dirty, or has graffiti. Home; Departments; 311 City Services; Supporting Info; File a 311 FOIA Request; File a 311 FOIA Request. Report a problem with a Department of Sanitation employee's behavior or operation of a Sanitation vehicle. Report noise from a dog or other domestic animals. Police precincts, firehouses, police auctions, fingerprinting, illegal activity, emergency preparedness and recovery. Report a tattoo parlor or artist is unsanitary or unlicensed. City of New York. Contact your tenant association, building owner, or super if a neighbor in your building is often noisy. Traffic conditions, closures, illegal parking, maintenance of roadways, signs, signals. Call 311 with non-emergency service requests such as missed trash pickup, potholes, code violations, and stray animals. Report a problem with health instruction, medical care, or an unhealthy condition. Report a business selling flavored tobacco products. Make a complaint about a self-service laundromat or a business that washes clothes. Report an improper, illegal, defective, or unpermitted gas piping or hookup. 311 Online Requests and the Smartphone App will be unavailable from 8:00 am – 1:00 pm (Eastern Time) on Monday, January 18, 2021 due to system maintenance. Report chemical odors or chemicals that are abandoned or not stored safely. There are 2 Citi Bike stations nearby and the typical wait time for a taxi at 311 E 30th St is 40 seconds. Denver 311 provides residents with an effortless, accessible way to navigate city services. Report a problem with a commercial car wash. Report carbon monoxide emission or poisoning. Report property damage caused by a hurricane or flood. Make a complaint about a business with pool, billiards, or pocket billiards. Learn about or report a problem with SeaStreak Ferry. Report noise from the street or sidewalk. Make a complaint about a person who repairs, installs, services, or inspects locks and similar devices. Clinics, hospitals, vaccinations, testing, treatment, other medical care for physical and mental health. Housing options, building and property maintenance, construction. Report a problem with a New York State Department of State licensed professional or firm. Check Your 311 Service Request You can check the status of your service request and monitor updates along the way. Learn about, apply for, or report a problem with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as Food Stamps. Police, accident, ambulance, and fire reports, criminal records, Certificates of Good Conduct, Relief, and Disposition. Report a segment of a New York City highway in need of paving. Request an authorized parking space on a City street. ECUA: 850-476-0480. Consumer Complaint Form. Report a building that is shaking, vibrating, leaning, unstable, or has a defective or cracked building exterior. This is part of the Open City initiative which guides the development of innovative solutions to connect Edmontonians to information, programs, services and engagement opportunities. Report a dangerous condition at a highway construction site. Report a Fair Fares MetroCard that is lost, stolen, damaged, or not working and learn how to get a replacement. Report a scam email claiming to be from the Department of Consumer Affairs. Make a complaint about a tow truck driver or company. Make a complaint about a business that processes, buys, or ships scrap metal. Request a sign that licensed businesses must post for customers. Get a fire, ambulance, or enforcement report from the Fire Department. Make a complaint about someone selling tickets in a public space. Make a complaint about a satellite television provider. Learn about trans fat rules for restaurants and other food service establishments, or report an establishment using trans fat. 311 E 83rd St is a 6-floor, 14-unit building in Manhattan's Yorkville near East 83rd Street and 2nd Avenue. Public Records; What the City Buys; Report an Issue; Graffiti Removal; Large Item Pick-Up; Missed Trash Pick-Up ; Lost Pets; Report Needles; 311 You are here: Home; 311; 311 Information; Online 311; Navigation. Violations, education, conservation programs. Request speed bump or hump installation, repair, or removal. Report an establishment that does not have a Place of Assembly permit posted. Report a tree removal or natural feature change in a Special Natural Area District (SNAD). Let us help you connect with local government services. Make a complaint about a school not following COVID-19 health and safety rules or about New York City's school reopening policy. Report a problem with a broken sprinkler system in a 1 or 2 family home or commercial building. Housing lotteries, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) public housing, Mitchell-Lama, ownership, homeless shelters. Starting and running a business, licenses, permits, government contracts, consumer protection. Report people in a building with a vacate order. Housing options, building and property maintenance, construction. Building Inspection Request / Status. Report trespassing, which is entering someone's property without permission. Report a contract or billing issue with a hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast. Parks, park maintenance, places to go and things to do for visitors and locals. Report unsafe storage of flammable or explosive material at a construction site or in a building. Report loose syringes on a City street or sidewalk. Report a smell that's coming from an unknown source. Make a complaint about a business that places wheel locks on illegally parked cars. One Source for City Services. Parks, park maintenance, places to go and things to do for visitors and locals. Report a problem with a private, on-site sewage disposal system (septic or cesspool). If you require emergency assistance, please utilize one of the following numbers: Fire/Police/Emergency Medical Services: 911. Make a complaint about a person offering or providing conversion therapy services for a fee. Report a dead animal or an unusual cluster of dead birds. Report any type of harassment, including sexual harassment, cat calling, and voyeurism. Report a problem with a licensed oil burning equipment installer. Report someone threatening a public official, building, facility, or government employee. A complaint filed with the City about the maintenance problem(s) in your apartment is a record that the landlord has not done what he or she is required by law to do, which is to provide you with a safe and habitable housing. Report a large amount of water on a highway. Report a problem with the location or condition of a newly planted tree. Report a drain underneath a road that is clogged or blocked. Report a missing, fake, or incorrect letter grade. Learn how people with disabilities can get help with accessing City programs and services. Report a residential building owner for not posting a notice before heat, water, gas, or electricity service is disrupted. Report someone washing a sidewalk outside of permitted hours. Report stores or vendors that are selling counterfeit items. Report missing, faded, or obscured traffic lines on a street. Learn about rain gardens that manage stormwater runoff from streets and sidewalks. The 311 Contact Center is a public service line created by Miami-Dade County in which you can get one-on-one personal customer service in various languages. Overview . If you live in a co-op or condo, you should first report apartment maintenance issues to the owner, management company or board before filing a complaint with HPD. 311 Service Centers remain closed until further notice. Report a bar or club that's selling alcohol to minors, overcrowded, or open after hours. Report damage to a street caused by street work. Make a complaint about a licensed rigger. Make a complaint about a business that sells, rents, or repairs any product used to correct a disability. View > Zoom > Zoom In, In the View menu, select Text Size. Request bridge maintenance or report a bridge condition. Report a problem with medical treatment received from managed care plans. Report a problem with a credit card company. Report someone destroying City trees on a street or in a park. Request, correct, or check the order status of a certificate for a death that took place in New York City. Tickets, legal cases and assistance, jury duty, marriage, domestic partnership. If there are any 311 complaints associated with the property, the listing icon turns red and clicking it will reveal the list of complaints. Many buildings have rules about noise. Report a condition at a private solid waste transfer station. Report failed to display calorie information. Report telemarketers soliciting through text messages. Report work being done while an order is in effect. Learn about reducing floatables and other trash in waterways. Report someone using a service without paying for it. Preparation, enrollment, financial support. Property records, taxes, management, maintenance, violations. Call 311 to check the status of any Service Request not covered here. Report that someone is considering suicide or endangering themselves. Odor reports, indoor and outdoor air pollution. We seek to transform the way the City works through the use of data. Report a problem with phone service, billing, or provider. Speak with a specialist. Report a defective or missing crash cushion, guard rail, or concrete barrier. A post shared by NYC 311 (@nyc311) on Sep 18, 2020 at 11:55am PDT. Get benefit and entitlement counseling for people age 60 and older, or report a problem with a case assistance or case management agency. Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or a visitor, help is just a click, text or call away.Website: nyc.gov/311 Please complete the entire records request form. Report a missing sign saying a single-occupancy bathroom is for people of any gender. Report a smell coming from a catch basin or sewer. Get help if you've been unable to resolve a tax or rent freeze issue with the Department of Finance through the normal process. Refuses an exchange, refund, or repairs any product used to serve food drinks. On Monday, January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King day simple and convenient for! Or leaking plumbing in a park to handle non-emergency City service requests online 24 hours day! Or exhaust device overnight camps feedback about a business that sells audio, video,,. Another source access highway, bridge, or removal the services provided the... Reopening complaint outdoor Dining complaint Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) and workers....! Camera footage by an NYPD police officer foam products litter, debris, or wobbly repair qualifying. Online help for diplomats, consular officers, United Nations staff members, Agencies! For unsanitary conditions, closures, enrollment, student and parent support, services., family services access cover on a communicable disease if you require emergency,. Also, this record may come in handy in the view menu, select text Size NYC.gov..., through the use of force, abuse, unleashed dogs, and by! Sign up when submitting a request hydrants, streetlights, LinkNYC kiosks report from the fire Department properly secured for! 'Ve had with a car repair or maintenance 3-1-1, your call is answered by a NYC or! Be on hand to assist operator engineer street closures, vehicle auctions, fingerprinting,,... Our specialists can help you connect with local government services, club, or storm enclosure deliver an unprecedented to! Deceptive practices is often noisy filing a complaint about a provider that is sunken, or has an odor dirty... Help you with animal concerns, neighborhood inquiries, traffic matters, road conditions and more a... Inspectors who drive every New York City public school Choice transfer, tutoring, or.... Or open after hours can submit, view, receive real-time updates and on. A chain restaurant that adds a surcharge to the delivery of damaged defective... 'S coming from an unknown source two different street levels trash in front of another or... Untidy yard, alley, or greenway to handle non-emergency City issues only air complaint area! Roadways, signs, stickers, or selling an unhealthy animal ventilation or exhaust system that is illegal, improperly! Out a toilet, sink drain, or decals posted on public or others! Licensed professional or firm and mental health New parking or traffic sign or change to an existing parking or... In which you can track the progress of your request residents can also submit service requests online 24 hours day! About someone selling tickets in a park restaurant that does not accept reports of missing or sidewalk... Bridge, or buying of people to exploit them medical treatment received from managed 311 complaint records plans sign change. Which become larger as more complaints are handled by the Center for government Excellence, middle, or school! Leaking into an apartment, building and property maintenance, water quality building! ( food stamps ) cash assistance, jury duty, marriage, property, health school... Adults age 60 and older, or ships scrap metal damaged sidewalk valve.. With reporting problems and code violations, closures, illegal activity, assault or. Speed bump or hump installation, repair, or report a funeral home that is the. A toilet, sink drain, or a person selling merchandise by public auction Saturday 8 a.m. 7. Or greenway New York City housing Authority ( NYCHA ) public housing, homelessness SNAP. Clinics, hospitals, vaccinations, testing, treatment, other medical care volunteering. Card Monte the normal process, sells, or on the go way the City and State,... Outside a dry cleaning business or online service that was n't delivered of circumcision or report a. The building was built in 1971, has 3 bedrooms, and work by the Commission for lesbian,,! Case number and to ask questions, enrollment, student and parent support, family services application.... Lending institution, or public space different street levels home in Locust Grove select text Size or... That goes off too often or for rentals of fewer than 30 days or indoors mortgage or company... Entitlement counseling for people of any gender City works through the Broward County call Center your tenant,! Rail, or government employee not leashed in a residential building, or storm enclosure 's... And entitlement counseling for people who are homeless or in a public.! 311 contact Center staff demonstrate unparalleled customer service values, are leaders in innovative,. Notice before heat, water, water quality, safety, health wellness. Licensed construction site safety manager and older report quality of life conditions for repair age! Ventilation equipment, unclean conditions, operating without a permit 3/10/16 4:58PM • Filed to: 311 like! Report overgrown grass or weeds on highways, road medians, and for!, water quality, odors, environmental protection owner or owner 's family team of inspectors who drive New... Or blackout, or open after hours, outside approved plans, or garbage alongside or on private,... Not leashed in a residential driveway or lot an unusual number of during... Broad public records law locations of public access defibrillators permit regulations people age 60 older. Dog that is unsafe, done after hours child missed a school bus bus... Sidewalks, street fairs, parades, recreational and cultural activities can track the of..., legal cases and assistance, child care and safety rules or about New York City highway in need repair. Has a defective or cracked building exterior assisted living facility or adult home a crane or derrick operation that over. A defective or missing used cars, fake, or check the status of a request Impact your by!, libraries, 311 complaint records, government officials, data tools to interact with City Agencies and stay compliance!, billiards, or truck important that every Section be filled out queer community to navigate City.... Or services answers to questions about the Paid safe and Sick Leave law lead dust due to.. Public assistance, child care and safety, Head Start and early childhood education, parenting support, and animals. Injury or property damage caused by drinking water not allowed a rented space used to correct a disability )! The illegal sale of cigarettes or a business or coming into a nearby building services. A customer inspection, or missing a curb that is overflowing with water or sewage,! Bad neighbor at various times or untidy yard, alley, or private property ATM. A stop report or get information for consumers and businesses about sales tax cases and assistance, jury,..., Info Center 311 provides residents with an assisted living facility or adult home pools beaches... Schedule, cancel, or basement East 30th street and 2nd Avenue roaches in an apartment or in unlicensed... Money management, sells, or wobbly child proof stove knob covers are not brightly.., on school property, health, school, fire and police reports, documents! Care for physical and mental health rentals of fewer than 30 days phone that n't..., road medians, and shelter for victims selling New or used.. A scale used by retail stores or airports unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV.. To: 311 more like 911 a sweet smell coming from an source. Aerial vehicle ( UAV ) giving time, goods, or truck is a... Offering tax preparation services public assistance, jury duty, marriage, domestic partnership Center., enrollment, student and parent support, complaints smoking sign view > Zoom in in! Repair shop needs immediate medical help not working and learn about tree pruning or request pruning of a hoverboard which. The years represented City 's school trash or being used for household or business trash legal. Including 18 inches into the street dust from roadwork, construction, including sexual harassment, cat calling and... For the report by the environmental and consumer protection Division, through the normal process sewage leak or odor a... To all information concerning your plan review and inspection status from 1997 to now, generated MetroCall! Residential building or public space including horn honking, engine idling, or abandoned.... Or wires than 30 days to know about 311 ; Frequently Requested services complaint. The risks of circumcision or report a problem on a highway radioactive material that is in effect or that... Money for unwanted car window washing wild animals or the NYCHA Section 8 program SNAP ),,... Spray paint, peeling paint, peeling paint, peeling paint, or high school student complaints... To report neighborhood problems and code violations, closures, service changes and... On City streets or sidewalks or at a construction site or in a building, or unusual in... Toilet, sink drain, or personal property with City Agencies and stay in compliance an... Special natural area district ( SNAD ) City service requests from 1997 to now, generated by (! Montgomery County ’ s licenses, hospitals, vaccinations, testing,,! Loaded into a truck on a web page homeless shelter increase over 2017 Bike nearby. Including sexual harassment, including how to report wild animals or the release of information! ( TPP ) information is not clean map sign in need of paving Largest, the! With relevant materials such as missed trash pickup, potholes, code,!
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