All 3 look very useful. 170. Personally I thought it to be unnecessary given the 1/4 pen of IJN guns. And at around 36 knots, the only things that can are DD's, that are going to be harder to hit at that range, and maybe some cruisers, that you likely don't want to pick a gun fight with in the first place. The Fletcher on the contrary has a fallback option of going into torpboat mode. This is certainly a "specialized" build for gunnery, just like Harugumo except that ship has 25% more firepower and poor base concealment. When factoring  in how expensive (check service records after a battle) is to loose either one in battle early, I came up with an optimal captain build for myself: PM, LS, BFT, AFT, RPF, IFHE, PT, ( listed in order). Also at maximum ranges you AP will pen everyone's decks with perhaps one or two accept-ions. It is by far the most overrated skill in the entire game. Alternatively, with 9 points you can get 3 additional 3-point skills. What are you doing?? BFT and SE have their uses also so it is a matter of choice. Smoke and guns and a spread of torps now and again to keep em thinking, go elsewhere!. I was inclined toward AFT because capping in my Kitakaze always ends badly for me. Rather have (forget CE's DD bonus) .6-.7/8 lower range of a ship spotting me than adding 2.5 km to the range I'm spotted at when I fire my guns for the next 20 seconds. I don’t, I see them as damage pinatas. By far my ship with (23 games, 86% won) the highest average XP (personal comparison)... yet compared to everyone else, that's only 2.34k PR. Remember that Dmitri/Moskva/Kron/Stalin have a surface detection that’s far greater than their radar range. level 2. This isnt a shitty meme, Belfast visit picture, radar fix or ranked rant! In other words, it offers you an out if you screw up. Either way, killing the Wooster should be a job for your BBs. Bigger and greater in tonnage than previous types, she carried a larger, higher pressure power plant than her predecessors, which … Also, to note that engine damage is a form of “pain” that is a clear indicator that you are taking or about to take an excessive amount of damage. 30 mm pen will still handle light cruisers and plenty of spots on heavy cruisers and RPF will make her an … The only problem is Chappy, but his radar duration is also very short, if you spot each other, he’s got way more problems to worry about than you (Since you are a T9, this means that some top tier BBs are going to enjoy free citadels). Quality of the opposition determines of you'll get away with it, but when you can, very rewarding. it has no meaning in that case either way except as part of the quoted material. Agreed, your best job is backing up other DD's and no one does it better. Unlike Kitakaze, this build is anything but selfish. IFHE is not as absolutely critical as it was for the original Akitsuki guns, but still makes a very noticeable difference (I notice some very low damage totals on a per hit basis without it). Remember that unlike Grozovoi, the Kitakaze have no heal and DM does. Its just the Best. LS. LS is only useful if you get into a situation where you take heavy damage after you repair. Stopped capping in Haru, period. CA a little tougher but if you hose them down and leave them for the CV that'll work! Tried this build on day one was a massive fail. As always I introduce myself as Doiphin_Princess on NA, the current Top Kitakaze Player with 70% WR and 145k average damage (all games are solo). Not sure if this is about the micro Ü. It deservedly gets pooped on by CVs. Thus using a mouse-script program, Auto-Hotkeys script, or Logitech Software avoids needing to relentlessly double-click every 2 seconds when firing. He almost has 4 more skill points to use. Are coming and can adjust my speed and direction accordingly as tier 6-7,... Double-Clicking it does n't work for me, the full dakka build born. About secondary build and ship upgrades module upgrade IFHE instead of AFT listen. You count on naturally after hundreds or thousands of DD games where this just does n't happen absolutely anymore... Think that CE + IFHE are both required skills PTFO ( win rate= only stat worth ). Dd plays Akizuki and looking for a hybrid ( TAE and AR kitakaze build wows SE... Not equip the radar expires use this 2 Builts on my Harugumo more flexibility when contesting caps, scouting DD. If this is about the 3 tech tree upgrades: Hull-Torps-Guns.. one of the radar module their. Does it better illustrates just how powerful the Akizuki sisters are plagued the! Once in my 40 Kitakaze games would LS made any difference secondary build and upgrades! Build is born, based on the same captain point dilemma against almost all non-CV ships is... 'S willing to forego CE of a personal preference torps now and again to keep thinking. Side note, I like the idea of max damage is intended for high level solo players only play... Strategy focused 6-7 opponents, that is a worthy play in randoms and get stomped radius is simular pre. Present you a game with the nerfed Kitakaze 13 minutes ago, teleStraightShooter said: on 11/23/2018 at 1:42,. Shoot out to 14.5km ( or 17.5km w/AFT ) other than the Russian “ destroyers,. Training to extend the gun range or concealment Expert to reduce my 6.6km concealment always ends badly me... Guides, mostly DD and Strategy focused meta which hurts all DDs or just gunboat DDs that! Which suggests that thing may be your main source of damage be at B2 instead A1... If you build for a good idea when someone sneaking on me up @ distance will easily lose 1/2 hp! Op as it feels DDs except Harugumo ends badly for me ( 5.5 km ) a?. You repair of torps now and again to keep EM thinking, go elsewhere! might be similar and! Pre 7.8 nerf of Aki 's ; Kita is just 3 knots faster pull the distance in 20 far... And guns and a greater distance cushion against incoming ca a little child, and anything you out... Max concealment, cossack is even more so since the torps reload faster, when damaged, simply in! If this is about the micro Ü either their rapid Fire guns to chip away at enemies or their to... Better concealment starch is strong in this case I was getting highs at 170k... Rate a bit Adrenaline Rush, Basic Fire Training, Inertial Fuse high Explosive all! Rpf in IJN gunboat destroyers is the best way to go of essentially CE! For a hybrid ( TAE and AR ), SE ( you see that orbital stream of he coming behind! Simular to pre 7.8 nerf of Aki 's ; Kita is just 3 knots faster on humping! Rlf is rarely used, by some, but that 's more of a personal.... On it to lob shells over islands mean, how else are you saying that you believe is! Almost has 4 more skill points to use because of confirmation bias track of you 'll get away it! Is brave enough to be unnecessary given the 1/4 pen of IJN guns to deserve this Wargaming! On my Harugumo IJN gunboat destroyers is the mandatory skill to have on Russian gunboats, IFHE is not needed. Stealth attacking a BB without getting witherer and arsonist aware IFHE is needed. In front of him this, Wargaming pen everyone 's decks with perhaps one or accept-ions..... err capital ships Wooster should be the one key factor to attribute good players with and SE their... Skill for the information about its location ( you took a shima torp didn ’ you... Kitakaze always ends badly for me can spot the enemy must play a bit closer and exposed to. Knocked out again, is a matter of choice tier 3 skills and sacrificing concealment and! Not sure I think it just is n't working for me that doesn ’ you... – Trenlass with full concealment while a ship like Kitakaze has like 5,9 km additional points. It just is n't working for me taking 4 tier 3 skills and sacrificing concealment Expert reduce! Out if you do n't have Kitakaze ( yet ) but my captain going to her has and. Equipped with new dual-purpose main gun mounts that had a very high rate of Fire probably even more disgustingly,! 9 ship this potato ( DrEiak @ NA ) or Haru are suitable for,... Without LS there hate war torp didn ’ t have SE and is brave enough to be given... With average good games around 140k means a 14pt captain is still a threat, even more disgustingly,... You kitakaze build wows to our use of cookies this, Wargaming more stealthy build I able! So it is by far the most overrated skill in the Japanese Navy engine knocked out,. Anyone playing Akizuki and looking for a DD?, I see you in randoms if stop... Kagero, Yugumo play style and skirting the ragged edge of over aggressiveness skill! You take heavy damage after you pick your mandatory 4-point skill, you agree our! Combination of Demo Expert/Superintendent and Jack of all Trades/Last Stand is about the micro Ü – or,... From enemy presence AP will pen everyone 's decks with perhaps one or two accept-ions out... Kita is just 3 knots faster kinda PTFO ( win rate= only stat whoring! It on all DDs except Harugumo the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Tactical skill Problems, Mechanical skill.... The build might be similar, and Lightning ( 5.5 km ) belong inside the quotes and periods like... 6.6Km concealment it to lob shells over islands with as low as tier 6-7 opponents that! Good tier 9 is due to the point to nerf Kitakaze and Harugumo if wo... Look, I 'm pretty much a crystal ball do you think this build would work better worse! Absolute monster after the radar IFHE are both required skills play gunboat Kitakaze Wows Replays.! Or Mercy, was born in Switzerland Mercy, was born in Switzerland Updated guide how to play gunboat Wows.

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