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But the main reason why they are important for your campaign is because strong subject lines prompt your recipients to open their email which will then increase your open rates. When it comes down to it. The good thing with getting tons of emails is that among them you can find some of the best email subject lines to refresh your own.. Here are 4…. Initially, the idea was to use a Subscribe Page, but instead, we settled on embedding their subscribe form code on our own site so we could take advantage of the viral subscribe form we had built earlier. As discussed, My Little Geek experienced great success with utilizing different touchpoints for their Kickstarter email campaign. Regarding your “rule,” in general I agree with it, but think that sometimes knowledge of the recipient can justify “overruling” it. You can manage your cookie preferences at any time. We also scheduled an autoresponder to be sent to entrants the day before the competition closed, encouraging them to share the giveaway with their friends. Here are a few things to keep in mind when sending your product announcement email: As the most popular digital platform, email helps make a great impact on future Kickstarter campaigns and any other product launches. It’s all about the message. Discover limited-edition offerings from Games creators. Tags Game Marketing, Marketing, Email Subjects, Email Subject Lines This week’s guest on Game Academy Radio is Rafael Wawer – an engineer-turned-indie developer that is developing Proven Lands (currently on Kickstarter ). Even then it’s somewhat hard, because people don’t like feeling used or leveraged. Take a look at Campaign Monitor’s preflight checklist to ensure your emails don’t skip a beat. Great perspective and I’ll agree with Joe above on your stance change and thoughts behind it. Create a plan for how many pre-launch emails you need to send in order to maintain buildup. Please feel free to act or to ignore. If you’re running and growing an online business, you’re likely building an email list and promoting relevant products with good email campaigns.. And if you are, it’s likely that during certain holidays—such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday—you’re driving as many people as possible to your product pages during that period. A great email subject line should work no matter what environment your message arrives at. I don’t have much to offer in the compiling of mass market emails but I can tell you what I do with them or any other soliciting email: absolutely nothing. Solo play supported. We use cookies to serve personalized content and targeted advertisements to you, which gives you a better browsing experience and lets us analyze site traffic. Avaaz members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 18 countries on 6 continents and operates in 17 languages. The launch email should be the first push towards your subscribers to purchase the product, while still convincing those who are still on the fence. The math is quite simple: if the subject line is not attractive enough = the email won’t be opened. The top list of email subject lines for sales 1. I would not expect anyone of my recepients to be as attentive as you :) I have the feeling we would need to explain our decision to use a mass approach to make sure they understand… Any thoughts? So the emails lead off with an “about-them fan sentence,” so to speak, followed by lightly customized boilerplate paragraphs stating my request. Incorporate email subject lines in your emails. That gives them an extra incentive to share it as well. (…)”. Gaining support from the target strangers is especially challenging, because scientists are very protective of their reputational capital. We’ve seen a fair few of our customers use email marketing to seek out backers, especially designers and creators that have established an audience prior to seeking funding on Kickstarter. If his books and iPad app sound like something you’d like, why not swing by his Kickstarter page and pledge your support? In the case of these extremely busy world science stars, my read is that my initial email is my best chance of getting their attention; and my knowledge of scientists tells me that they’ll be impatient if I don’t tell them what I want right off the bat. Fresh Favorites Discover more Ancient Tree. If you’re looking for a way to connect with your audience frequently to build value around your product, email is your answer. Dorothy: I see what you’re saying about respecting a person’s time–that makes sense, especially if you’re appealing to them about something you already know they’re passionate about. : I like that a lot! Overall, the feedback we received regarding the project and email campaigns were really positive. However, if I receive a group message on a social network such as FB for solicitation, I feel included in the community and am much more interested in helping out said project. By doing that, I’m not empathizing with their position; rather, I may be making them uncomfortable or guilty. While most brands go with a “Welcome to [brand]” subject line for a first welcome email, Hawthorne took a different approach. And although I have credentials relevant to the topic, most of my peer network is no longer alive.) A 2D action-adventure platformer game about an exciting adventure in … This is a mass email. So I’m changing my stance on solicitation emails to friends and family. However, it might take you a bit more thought to come up with catchy, funny email subject lines for your business. Avoid including unrelated upcoming sales or blogs, as you don’t want to distract from the main goal—purchasing the product. This gave our subscribers the first opportunity to snap up the limited pledges as soon as the campaign went live. First, a quality, catchy email subject line is essential to getting customers to open your email. If you create exclusivity around this event (i.e., only available for the next 24 hours), your subscribers will be more likely to take action and not miss out on a deal. Oh, and said article will not include spoilers as regards game play! Thanks, Jamey. Email subject line is the first impression that compel subscribers to open your promotional emails. These subject lines help build curiosity and mystery around the launch with your subscribers. We also recommend using a free Omnisend subject line tester. Kickstarter campaigns are a lot of work, at the best of times. I received a message a few weeks ago that changed the way I think about mass emails. Andrew’s projects have always used email marketing in interesting ways, so, when he mentioned that he was sending campaigns to encourage people to back his My Little Geek children’s books and iPad app on Kickstarter, we knew he would have a good story to share. Only After you donate, or sign up you get a thank you message, and feel a little more human. Send us your thoughts for a guest post! Are you ready to build an email campaign that’s engaging and builds hype? I now see how that can be better than sending individual emails. So most of our email campaigns were sent as plain-text: We love creating pretty HTML emails, but decided to give that up this time around and got the personal touch we were after. Likewise, try to keep email preview text under 55 characters. Because it was sent to dozens of people instead of just me, I felt free to act or ignore. Get a little creative and test out some seasonal subject lines to increase opens and encourage more engagement! I now have 42 pre orders. Here are some funny email subject lines to make your subscribers laugh. You can boost your open rates by using emojis for email subject lines. So I’d recommend splitting your contact with these people into one or more messages where you establish a relationship, then at some point talk about what you’re trying to achieve. That’s just not a good way to start out a relationship, and it makes the message too easy to dismiss. The subject line is probably the most important part of the email marketing strategy since it’s the first thing the recipient will see, and that makes it a key success factor for a networking email.. We used Campaign Monitor to queue up three separate emails to be delivered over a ten-day period. Our schedule looked like this: The give-give-take approach broke the ice with customers that hadn’t heard from us in a while. I too have a similar stance to you with mass market emails and much prefer sending a handcrafted email to each person, but see the other side with feeling pressured because its targeted directly at you. So if you want more people to read your fundraising emails and land on your donate page, a 7-word subject line is a safe bet. We are always interested in guest writers to create valuable content for our growing audience of marketers & entrepreneurs. Two-thirds of people also mark emails as spam based solely on its subject line. You should seek the advice of professionals prior to acting upon any information contained in the Content. Those companies have agreements with many ISPs that will allow your e-mail to reach your recipients and not be blocked or put into a SPAM folder by a receiving e-mail client. Most mass emails I get from friends and family aren’t for Kickstarter. After all, they say a picture speaks a thousand words. A week after the Kickstarter launch, we started a competition in which we gave away autographed copies of our first book. On most major email platforms, such as Gmail, an email will get sent to users’ spam folder if enough people mark it as spam. Clearly, if you want your recipient to read an article you recently published, it would require a lot more time to read about 100 ways to save money than just 5 ways. The original My Little Geek book has been available for a while now, so, initially, we wanted to email our existing customers and ask them to support our Kickstarter campaign. Solve puzzles and assemble buildings out of wooden cubes in this medium weight strategy game. Second, a low-quality subject line will end up getting the email flagged as spam. Kickstarter Lesson #238: How to Write a Mass Email, Interviews, Media, and Promotion Requests. Once tip I’ll share from experience with running my own newsletter / mailing list over a number of years: If you choose to send a mass e-mail out to a bunch of recipients in a standard e-mail client like Outlook, chances are, that e-mail will not reach some or all of your intended recipients. Join 250,000 in-the-know marketers and get the latest marketing tips, tactics, and news right in your inbox. For a third of your email list, your subject line is the determining factor in whether they open the email or not. Adding benefits will help bring home the reasons why your subscribers need the product. Joe: I totally agree that individual, personalized emails can be more effective. In summary, the subject line of an email is the single line of text people see when they receive your email. Here are some business email subject lines for creating an introduction. A sales email must have a powerful subject line that will engage the reader, create a curiosity in their mind, make them open and take action. Pay attention to emojis that most of the eCommerce sites on this list use. (I hadn’t thought about cewargames’ helpful comment about links in emails acting as spam bait, but will remedy that failing in future emails.). Admittedly, for my KS projects, I took the approach of sending two different e-mails (family, in which one has a fundamentally different relationship and friends) and the response was overwhelmingly great, but from having read your earlier posts, I can see how a mass e-mail may be dismissed out of hand. With practice, you can write email subject lines that will boost your open rates. Once set up, both follow-up emails were automatically sent to all new entrants, saving us valuable time. There… So I’m always reading to try and improve my approach, one of the most interesting things I read recently as a tip was to write subject lines that are a sentence and it will get opened more likely. When promoting My Little Geek, we needed solutions that you could get running, forget about, then move on to the next thing. If you’ve read this blog for a while, you know that I’ve advocated strongly against using mass emails when asking friends and family to support you (see here and here). Email isn’t just for Kickstarter projects. Article first published June 2013, updated June 2019. Our Current Approach to Board Game Reviewers and Content Creators (2021), 5 Surprises and Insights from a Digital Board Game Survey. You can take the reference of these ideas and curate promotional email marketing campaigns. We didn’t want this to feel like a big expensive corporate enterprise—why would people pledge to that? Multiple game modes. 19. Like you did. I wonder if it were a good idea to explain your decision to use a mass approach in the email itself. Today’s guest post is by serial creative and longtime cool customer,Â. Marketing Email Subject Line Examples: 42 Marketers Share Their Very Best These 40 email subject lines generated an average open rate of 47%. I hope it lightens your weekly schedule to 75h/week. Identify a clear CTA with your product—like sign up for a waitlist, share on social media, or pre-order. It sounds like these people might be intrigued by the data, so perhaps as part of your request to them, you could add value by offering to share the data. 19 Valentine’s Subject Lines and Newsletter Examples. I think mass emails are fine, and here’s a few elements I’d recommend including in the message: Does this only apply to friends and family? Results of A/B testing For more information, see our support article How to Test Email Subject Lines.
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