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Flowers delivered today. Unit 2, 141 Hutt Park Road Gracefield, Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand. l=new Object();"VDaemonID_7"; l.oktext="Questions"; l.errtext="Questions"; l.okclass=""; l.errclass="errorText"; l.validators=new Array("form_questions"); l.cerrclass="errorInput textinput"; l.cokclass=new Object(); l.cokclass[5]="textinput"; f.labels[f.labels.length]=l; In the future we’ll be adding to the range so watch this space for our online flavour poll where you will be able to vote for your favourite fruity flavour. Flowers . Fresh Flowers. Ideal for restaurants, cafes, hotels and airline catering. Wonderful on a fruit pizza, inside any type of sandwich or soft centre muffin - the uses are endless. Fruit Pastes are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and contain no added colours or preservatives. Cook, over … Fruit; Gelatine; Nuts & Nut Products; Pastry & Dessert; Vanilla; Icecream; Vegan; Gluten Free; About Us; Events. URC® fruit bar pieces are an innovative way to add popular and exotic fruits to your snack bar products – even fruits that are traditionally difficult to use such as pomegranate, acai berries and kiwifruit. The perfect partner on a cheeseboard these delicious fruit pastes partner beautifully with brie, ricotta or a tasty blue. Pac k hot fruit paste into hot glass jars and process in a water bath canner for 15 minutes. What better way to enjoy your fruit paste and cheese than on one of our crisp wafers? ') 24. But it also tastes wholesome and not sickly sweet like many lesser biscuits. When making marinades or dressings, adding a tropical fruit paste to your recipe … Mango Fruit Paste. Finalist NASFT (North American) Food Trade Awards, 2004 and 2006. Fruit Pastes. v[i]=new Object(); v[i].type="required"; v[i].name="form_location"; v[i].errmsg=" Your Postcode is Required"; v[i].fcontrol="form_location"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_location"; v[i].minlength=1; v[i].maxlength=-1; v[i].negation=false; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Arrange a selection of crackers, cheeses and any other antipasto accompaniments around the Fruit Paste. Strain them to remove the skin and seeds, pushing the pulp through the sieve. Take care of business or that someone special with a gourmet box or hamper. 2 Fine Food Wholesalers NZ - Rutherford & Meyer are wholesale suppliers of gourmet products including Fruit Pastes, Savoury Wafers, Honey Plus, Waferbites & FruBees. Weigh the plum pulp and add an equal quantity of sugar, bring back to the boil and stir to dissolve. Clover honey – produced from beautiful clover flower filled pastures - has a delicate flavour and creamy texture. Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally, for 15 minutes or until cherries and apple are soft and liquid has reduced. Choose from the flower categories below. Quince paste, slightly grainy texture, old world flavours. When it came to flavour selection we did some serious customer research and finally settled on three already popular jam flavours to launch the product with. Tel: +64 4 976 0251, Email: Thanks for contacting us! Cook until soft and mushy. $6.00. ... We’re so pleased it is NZ made & can acquire more of your goods.Especially Ploughmans Pickle & Red Pepper Jelly. Add to Cart This product is currently sold out. Fig Fruit Paste. Cooking Classes; Market Day; Recipes. Simmer stirring frequently until pulp is very thick this will take about 30 minuetes. Add to Cart This product is currently sold out. Email Address Required"; v[i].fcontrol="form_email"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_email"; v[i].minlength=1; v[i].maxlength=-1; v[i].negation=false; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; Yes it’s filled with weird fruit paste and is dangerously close to being a budget muesli bar. Sprinkle it over the coulis and stir in delicately with a wooden spoon. Once cooled overnight, store your jars of fruit paste in a cool, dark and dry place for 12 months or more. Right now we’re using cherries grown here in New Zealand, strawberries from sun kissed Italy and apricots from Australia. Tel: +64 4 976 0251, Email: 2: If using powdered pectin, mix it in a bowl with 75g sugar. Bring to the boil,then simmer until fruit is soft. Show someone a little appreciation in one easy swoop. Quince Paste. Boil, stirring occasionally for 15 minutes or until mixture thickens to Use as a top layer sprinkle or within the bar as a fruit burst in every mouthful. Fruit paste is a scrumptious, velvety bite of New Zealand nostalgia that adds a tangy twist to anything from a creamy blue cheese to an aged cheddar. Order now to send flowers across New Zealand. ... Unit 2, 141 Hutt Park Road Gracefield, Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand. Fruit Paste contains only the named fruit e.g. A natural sweetener and good source of natural carbohydrate, honey provides slow releasing energy meaning we can enjoy the taste – and the benefits – for longer. An online Fine Food Expo promoting distributors, suppliers and wholesalers of some of the best gourmet food and beverage products available in New Zealand. They have a firm texture and are designed to be sliced not spread. Quantity: Add To Cart. var ga = document.createElement('script'); ga.type = 'text/javascript'; ga.async = true; ... Unit 2, 141 Hutt Park Road Gracefield, Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand. Tel: +64 4 976 0251, Email: Thanks … var f,v,i,l,s; Pear Fruit Paste $6.00 . 2. Fruit Pastes are crafted in a range of tangy and intense flavours using real fruit and natural ingredients. $21.00. quince fruit paste contains only quince fruit. Fruit Paste is easy to slice so you can cut it to the desired serving size. Variants Quantity. We have the best ingredients right in our backyard…why go elsewhere???! Line a slice tin with baking paper and quickly pour paste in. Apricot Paste recipe, NZ Womans Weekly – Fruit pastes are always a popular feature on an antipasto platter and this apricot version is simple to make and delicious with any cheese – Fruit Paste Quince Paste. Taura fruit pieces, flakes, shapes and pastes are designed to deliver the taste, texture and goodness of real fruit to a range of commercially manufactured food products. Unit 2, 141 Hutt Park Road Gracefield, Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand. Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally for 3 hours, or until the paste is very thick. Add Chelsea Jam Setting Sugar and stir over a … Request quotations and connect with New Zealand manufacturers and B2B suppliers of Fruit Paste. Cherry Fruit Paste. 3: Pour this coulis into a high-sided pan and add 300g sugar. var _gaq = _gaq || []; Designed to freshen and cleanse the palate, Fruit Pastes are the perfect accompaniment to cheese and make a wonderful addition to any antipasto selection. We have lowered the sweetness so the fruit flavour sings out and have rounded off the beautiful flavours with a touch of spice. Quince Paste Recipe Quince Fruit Quince Recipes Figgy Pudding Using A Pressure Cooker How To Cook Beans Fruit Puree All Fruits Cheese Platters. $6.00. v[i]=new Object(); v[i].type="required"; v[i].name="form_business_name"; v[i].errmsg=" Business Name Required"; v[i].fcontrol="form_business_name"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_business_name"; v[i].minlength=1; v[i].maxlength=-1; v[i].negation=false; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; l=new Object();"VDaemonID_2"; l.oktext="Name"; l.errtext="Name"; l.okclass=""; l.errclass="errorText"; l.validators=new Array("form_name"); l.cerrclass="errorInput textinput"; l.cokclass=new Object(); l.cokclass[0]="textinput"; f.labels[f.labels.length]=l; All our formats and formulations can be customised, including organic versions, to suit your new product development. For more information on our products, please visit our website, give us a call or complete the enquiry form below. Page - 1 Bronze Award at the UK Great taste Awards 2005. Plum Fruit Paste; Plum Fruit Paste $6.00 . $6.00. //-->. Almost rubber-like the ‘paste’ can then be cut with a knife into wedges and served with cheese and crackers. We have lowered the sweetness so the fruit flavour sings out and have rounded off the beautiful flavours with a touch of spice. We’d love to know how - share your snack! Tel: +64 4 976 0251, Email: Thanks for contacting us! f=new Object();"ContactForm"; f.disablebuttons="none"; f.validationmode="onsubmit"; f.validators=new Array(); f.labels=new Array(); f.summaries=new Array(); v=new Array(); v[0]=f; i=1; Cartwheel Creamery 1082 Pohangina Road Pohangina New Zealand. Combine cherries, apple, treacle, orange juice, lemon juice, cinnamon and allspice in a medium saucepan over high heat. Apricot Fruit Paste. It’s spreadable, tastes great and is good for you. v[i]=new Object(); v[i].type="required"; v[i].name="form_phone"; v[i].errmsg=" Phone Number Required"; v[i].fcontrol="form_phone"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_phone"; v[i].minlength=1; v[i].maxlength=-1; v[i].negation=false; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; Fruit Paste Variety 3 Pack. … Cracker Bites – 6 Pack ... Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand. Our fruit pastes are carefully crafted from real, all-natural fruit for a range of intense, vivid flavours. Variants Quantity. Strain them to remove the skin and seeds, pushing the pulp through the sieve. Serve with a cheese knife for slicing both the fruit paste and cheese. })(); 4.00. Fine Food Wholesalers is an online Fine Food Expo. Fruit Pastes are wheat free, gluten free, dairy free and contain no added colours or preservatives. If you have a selection of cheese you may want to serve a range of fruit paste flavours to best match the cheeses. In a heavy-based saucepan, cover the plums with water and simmer until they completely soften. Contact us to find out more! Honey Plus is the perfect combination of New Zealand Clover Honey and fresh summer fruits – strawberry, cherry and apricot to be precise. Get factory pricing. A perfect companion for flavourful summer fruits. Fruit paste, unlike dehydrated fruit or jam, traditionally is a thick, sweetened fruit pulp is air dried into blocks. The perfect partner on a cheeseboard this delicious fruit paste partners beautifully with brie ricotta or a tasty blue. It combines the health benefits of honey with the goodness of real fruit. Honey Plus is 70% pure goodness of fruit and honey. A comprehensive list of wholesale food companies and food distributors for products available in New Zealand.Access wholesale food suppliers, food wholesalers, and food distributors in both North Island and South Island.Copyright © Online Directory Solutions. v[i]=new Object(); v[i].type="format"; v[i].name="form_email_format"; v[i].errmsg=" Invalid Email Address"; v[i].fcontrol="form_email"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_email"; v[i].required=false; v[i].negation=false; v[i].format="email"; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; Drain and stone. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; And being all natural, the best thing about it is that there are no added flavours, colours or preservatives and it’s also gluten free. Find Fruit Paste Suppliers. They have a firm texture and are designed to be sliced not spread. Fruit pastes can be added to your morning breakfast meals such as oatmeal, pancakes, and smoothies. Once opened they do not need to be refrigerated and are best kept in the cupboard. P: (06) 329 4789 E: 60 grams. l=new Object();"VDaemonID_3"; l.oktext="Business Name"; l.errtext="Business Name"; l.okclass=""; l.errclass="errorText"; l.validators=new Array("form_business_name"); l.cerrclass="errorInput textinput"; l.cokclass=new Object(); l.cokclass[1]="textinput"; f.labels[f.labels.length]=l; (function() { l=new Object();"VDaemonID_4"; l.oktext="Phone"; l.errtext="Phone"; l.okclass=""; l.errclass="errorText"; l.validators=new Array("form_phone"); l.cerrclass="errorInput textinput"; l.cokclass=new Object(); l.cokclass[2]="textinput"; f.labels[f.labels.length]=l; Order before 2pm NZ time, Mon to Fri & 10:30am Sat. v[i]=new Object(); v[i].type="required"; v[i].name="form_name"; v[i].errmsg=" Name Required"; v[i].fcontrol="form_name"; v[i].control=new Array(); v[i].control[v[i].control.length]="form_name"; v[i].minlength=1; v[i].maxlength=-1; v[i].negation=false; v[i-1].validators[v[i-1].validators.length]=v[i]; Fruit and flower baskets available for same day delivery anywhere in New Zealand. P: (06) 329 4789 E: The perfect guilt-free snack for the whole family. Puree fruit in a food processor. Thank you. $6.00. VIEW THE RANGE Popular this week. @rutherfordandmeyer, Unit 2, 141 Hutt Park Road Gracefield, Lower Hutt Wellington 5101, New Zealand, Tel: +64 4 976 0251, Email:, Love Local NZ Oat Crackers – Gisborne Macadamia. Bring to … Honey Plus is made from a blend of clover honey sourced from bee hives around New Zealand. We source the very best in fresh summer fruits for Honey Plus. Using the tip of a knife gently prise the paste from the container and turn it out onto a serving platter. Fruit Pastes are available in 6 wonderful flavours Quince, Fig, Plum, Pear, Apricot and Cherry. They are high in fibre and contain no fat or cholesterol. Place aside to set, then cut into squares, wrap in paper and store in an airtight container in the fridge John & … _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-25532102-1']); Open container and run a knife around the edge, loosening the Fruit Paste from the container. Fruit pastes (also known as fruit cheeses) are firm, semi-opaque preserves that have a high fruit content – much higher than any other fruit preserve. Smooth the top. [CDATA[//>