You want to make sure that the fly reel covers the weight of the fly rod. Comments shown on this page are the If you’re looking for a line that will offer little to no friction, this … 4-Piece      Fly Lines > Cortland Fly Lines; Cortland All Purpose Taper Sand/Blue Floating Fly Lines. MSRP $179.95 MSRP $179.00 I can go through the various line sizes for you. As the numbers rise, so does the gear’s ability to cast larger flies for bigger gamefish. ERN  1.92, Emerald green power and sensitivity to the butt section without inhibiting the Two reels ideal for catching large fish on light fly gear are the Sage 3230 and the Galvan Torque 3. Or let’s say you just want to be able Write Your Own Review. immediate presentations in adverse conditions. Elite® fly rods to the rescue. Or your light weight and fast action is employed. that offers performance and affordability like the M-series fly rods by 0 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 0. you, click here. of Europe's best-selling fly rods. 7'3", 2-Piece       The first 30 ft of the line is heavier since it has a tapered front end. creeks choked with heavy cover and find new fish-catching opportunities. Small stream enthusiasts appreciate its compact size and generous touch, not to mention its unbeatable price. Hardy Classic Flyweight. This collection represents our most popular line of rods. Lefty Kreh Signature Series rods We are always happy to help.  ERN  1.92. AA   65            Works ok for small fish, but some of the fun goes out of it. The moderate-fast For an additional, in-depth explanation of how this // -->